How to never feel inadequate

Do you often feel inadequate? Mr. Lobster here has a terrific story to change you into a fearless superhero.

The lobster has a soft figure, with a hard shell that strangely doesn’t grow simultaneously or harmoniously with its body. The more it grows, the more the lobster feels pain and when the agony of being constrained to an ill-suited skin becomes unbearable, it isolates itself and starts to shed. The lobster, for a certain period of time becomes vulnerable, naked and exposed to danger, until it grows a new shell that fits.

You will never really move forward until you expose yourself to danger. Stepping out of comfort will allow your soul to grow and transcend itself. You will never become smarter in the safety of a group of people who are as prepared or as smart as you are. Reading books you understand entirely, or even speaking a language you feel confident in, will not let you grow.

If you feel inadequate, you’re on the crest of a wave: you’re in the right place to learn, grow, and challenge your limits. You’re alone and without the shell of limitations you must let go of. Alone and helpless you must endure, until you grow and reach the same greatness as those around you. You shall rise, build your new shell inch by inch until you feel comfortable in it.

And then, my dear lobster, that will be the time to start all over again.



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Evelyn Amaral Garcia

Call me Develyn. Because of my funny life I was as awarded the "European International Women's Leadership Award 2020" in Brussels